Site Categories

While the identity of your company is the first window and the most prominent face to customers, it is essential that the quality of your services is reflected with the quality of the visual content you offer to your customers

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Types of Site

Personal Sites

Personal sites are often small sites for people whose news, photos or audio / video material are posted about them.

News sites

News sites are the most demanding sites since their content is based on breaking news and events. You will see that news sites contain news from time to time.

E-commerce sites

E-commerce sites in general are interested in selling products such as clothing, electronics, food…, and often financial transactions are done within the site itself.


Blogs are also often referred to as personal sites, which are sites dedicated to write diverse blogs, such as technical, educational, artistic or sports blogs.

Multimedia Sites

Multimedia sites often contain video, audio, or even games.

Service sites

Service Sites, are characterized by being a mediator between the seller and the buyer or are responsible for the services they provide.


Forums are a rendezvous for Internet users to search for and share knowledge and information. The process is carried out by presenting topics in the form of: queries, questions, explanations and open discussions. Responses to these topics are raised by the users themselves.

Social media websites

Social media sites are the most frequently used and they have the most number of visits by website users.

company profile Websites

Corporate sites are often the destination of a company, whether it is a small or large company.

Search engine sites

Search engine sites may be the sites with the largest database and data compared to other types of sites.

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