Website optimization for search engines

A successful SEO strategy consists of many parts and requires an integrated approach that combines content marketing and social media , also effective marketing and much more by combining these tactics (and others). You can also create an enhanced and impactful social approach that allow you to be the best wherever your customers search.


Ensuring that your web site appears in the first ranks of search engines is one of the most important ways to increase the percentage of crawl and visits to yourweb site , you can also show your content, products, or services that your web site provides to interested people , this means that you need SEO for your web site.


Search engines rely on algorithms to determine the ranking of your web site . These standards differ according to the engine , but all engines have some things . These standards are based on the volume of content provided by the site, the quality of site SEO improvement, and visits to the site.


The essence of SEO is study and analyze the gap and differences between you and your competitors, analyze competitors’ keywords, their content, backlinks, and also recommended sites.

Matisse has a great data and expertise in SEO, and also has a responsibility towards improving your website, and improvement be inside and outside the site to be appropriate to meet all your requirements and desires to improve the websites.

So, be unique and make your website a place that meets all of the regular access requirements of visitors and search engine surfers.

Matisse also has accumulated and rich experience, in the field of SEO improvement, and in building and evaluating links and this has made many clients and large companies rely on this experience, to improve their websites and highlight them in search engines.


By linking the powerful experience and tools used in data analysis, we make your site exceptional in order to meet all the requirements of the major search engines, and we also continue to develop and maintain a good ranking for your web site on the giant search engines.


Our standard SEO process is central to our ability to manage a large number of customers, optimize and maintain their websites in search engine results.

In addition to that, we offer reports on the usual SEO, not only by changing the ranking of your site in the search engine, but also by changing your competitors ’rankings, along with a variety of reference data to inform you how you will continue to improve your site in the future.

Also reports provide you with weak or decline search words for your site, and more importantly, analyze and discuss the reasons for this decline with you, work on it and find an appropriate solution for it.

Site Analytics

Web analytics is an essential part of the SEO process to track website and measure quantitative and qualitative website traffic.
How accurately your web site in Internet ?
How to increase the presence of your site on the Internet in search engines?


هنا يمكنك وضع رابط صفحتك لمشاهدة اقتراحات التحسين على صفحتك

Improve pages

The practice of optimizing individual webpages to gain a higher position and obtain more relevant traffic in the search engines. We use optimization in and out web site , so that your website is at the top of all major search engine results.

Research words

SEO techniques can boost your search engine page ranking in the short time, and these techniques may also exclude the site from search engines.


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What are the ways to improve SEO?

  • Posting related content
  • Update the content regularly
  • Metadata
  • ALT ALT tags
  • Link with internal links

The quality of the content is the first factor in getting you ranked in the search results and there is no substitute for the content. Quality content brings frequent visitors to your site, which strengthens your site and its importance to the visitor.


You feel powerful when you update your site. This is sure, remember, too, that search engines also feel this power.
For Google, regularly updated content is one of the best indicators of site quality, so always make sure that you keep your site up to date..

When designing your site, each page contains a space between thetag to add metadata or information about the page’s content.


Describe the photos and videos through the Alt code, which is an alternative code, that is, if there is any damage to the image, or if the Internet is slow for your site visitor, the image will not appear and a damaged file icon will appear. When adding the Alt code, a description will appear to the visitor that explains what this file is.



Happy clientsFocus on creating related links within the text, rather than adding “click here”. Try adding a description that describes the page you want to link to, which is called internal links. Internal Links
” backlink ” is created when an external website links to your site, which is why some people refer to them as “external backlinks”. But you must pay attention to two main factors, namely the time period between publishing, that is, it is not very short and also the sites that are published in it so that your site is not classified as a Spam and in the event you are classified , Google will punish you severely so it can delay the ranking of your page or To remove the archiving of your site, and this means that your site will return to zero


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Our team of professional SEO experts is the ideal partner for a successful business partnership.